Create the Change

Programs for the Unemployed

We have successfully designed a personal devleopment course model using NLP and coaching training, to assist the unemployed rediscover a higher degree of self esteem and prepare them for a fresh approach to their employment.

The couse package is designed to change the mindset of your individual clients and how they then approach their role in both the workforce and the community.  Conducted over a period of four days the client is taken through a series of exercises designed to assist them discover and confront the cause, or excuse, that has led to their current employment status. 

All the topics addressed are based on an NLP format, designed to change the mindset of the client, increase their confidence and raise their self esteem to the point where they realise that rejection is not their fault. 

Our coaching is the process of taking the client from where they are right now to where they would like to be.  It is about removing the road blocks in their life and encouraging them to reach their real potential. 

By creating a positive mind set in each client it assists the Case Manager and makes their role easier.  The program also identifies the people that are really not looking for employment. Below is a snapshot of the Program Units.



What are Anchors and Anchoring Resourceful States

The purpose of this unit is creating credibility for the Program with the trainees.  An anchor is an external stimulus that creates a state of feeling within a person, eg when we hear a piece of music it can make us feel sad or happy.  The usage of specific anchors in the training environment makes people feel different about themselves.  The technique is used widely in the sporting arena to create the states of confidence and focus in athletes.  In the Coaching Program the same techniques are used to create the following states and feelings with the trainees.

Values and Beliefs

Our values and belief systems are the drivers of all human behaviour and thereby govern the action we take or fail to take.  We take trainees through a journey of self discovery in understanding their behaviour and therefore understanding the barriers to gaining full employment.

The six unresourceful emotions that hold you back and ways of releasing these emotions

When we, as human beings, experience a negative event one or more of the emotions below are present.  We also attach a meaning to the event.  When the meaning is of a negative nature we can create barriers in our lives.  Proven techniques allow us to revisit the meaning we attached to certain events.  With the help of an exercise the trainees recognise the event for what it really is by changing the meaning.  This removes the barriers they have identified in the Values and Beliefs Unit and therefore it will change their future actions and behaviour. 

Creating a Positive Focus

The purpose of this unit is to set goals in moving forward and discover ways to overcome the barriers to employment.  This is achieved through a series of exercises where the trainees create a specific plan to obtain full employment and discover how to overcome the barriers that have been holding them back.