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Sandra - Remedial/Relaxation Massage Therapist (AAMT, ANTA)


It was his initiative, his caring manner and my own wish to move forward which easily convinced me to begin a coaching relationship with him. 

Alex is a very honest and direct in his approach to coaching.  I consider him to have outstanding integrity in his work and as a person.  He inspires trust easily.  He is very astute and intuitive, and will make sure that his clients' reasons for seeking coaching are properly addressed and he core issues resolved.

I feel as if I have a lot of support from Alex in my coaching process.  He will go the extra distance for a client to ensure they have value for their dollar, and he is generous with his time and energy in terms of client contact time outside of coaching sessions.  In my case this has even extended to his offering to write a support letter for a friend and colleague of mine, who required one. 


Second Session - Create the Change Seminars - Creating Lasting Change in Your Life

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With the experience and expertise that Alex has, he halked me through a process that I have been able to put into practice with great success.  I regard it as a tremendous steop forward for my growth, and a real tool to work with in my new endeavours. 

Matthew, 2011

I would like to thank Alex for helping me to move forward to get to my goals in this course.  I found it very helpful to me and others.  We discussed and talked about certain topics and shared ideas between everyone and this has opened my eyes and realise that I needed to get a job because I needed to change and move on.  I want to find my own place to live and be independent.  It has motivated me to get a job and  nowo I am working at 2Pac in Campbellfield, starting tomorrow!

Simon, Stream 4 Case Manager

This is a success story for my client, Matthew.  A Stream 4 who was undertaking the NLP and had successfully obtained employment today. 

JSA have been working with Matthew since he was referred to Broadmeadows and we have worked through many hurdles and dealt with several barriers to get to where he is.  When I heard that the NLP was in the pipeline ro run at Broadmeadows, I knew that this was the deal vessel for Matthew to undertake, to take him to the next level.  I explained to Matthew what and how the program will help him to reach his goals, to take him to where he needs to go to move forward in life. 

I spoke to the client after several days in the program and he was alert and bright, telling me he had found the course invaluable and said it was what he needed.  Then finding out today that he had an interview and got employment, he was stoked and said this was what he was looking for.  He understands that this is a great achievement for him and knows that this is a turning point in his life. 

I would like to thank NLP for the motivation, but also assisting my client, Matthew, to successfully attend his interview and to obtain employment!                                                                                                                                                

Mark - Stockdale & Leggo, Bacchus Marsh



Janet - Central Highlands Legal Centre