Create the Change


to Create the Change  

for Personal Development and Growth

Do you feel it is time to create the change you want? 

Are you a business or person looking for something you cannot seem to find?

Everybody thinks of changing the world, but no-one thinks of changing himself. (Leo Tolstoy)

When you consider the above statement you now have a formula for success.  The only way to change the world is to firstly create the change within yourself.  It all starts with you and/or your business.  The only thing you can control is you and your actions.  Every decision you make leads you down a path.  Make enough of the right decisions and success will follow. 

How can coaching help Create the Change?


  • Getting you to understand where you really are
  • Definition of personal goals, providing  clarity and direction in your life
  • Creating a positve focus that moves you forward in the direction you want
  • Regular contact by your method of choice - face-to-face, email, skype, phone



  • A highly strategic structure and solutions-focused methodology for change
  • A model that breaks down into small goals and the removal of perceived hurdles
  • Realistic and honest feedback
  • A safe sounding board in a non-judgmental and agenda-free environment
  • Assisting client to convert their ideas into actions with accountability


  • Facilitates self-directed learning through powerful questioning
  • Acts as an external observer ensuring the actions of the client are parallel with the goals they have defined.
  • Identifies negative beliefs and creates empowering beliefs 
  • Assists coachee to develop personal insight
  • Motivates clients to reach their true potential, stretching and challenging the client to take action
  • Views the client in terms of their potential, identifying and building on strengths and talents

Why Create the Change?

This is completely up to you. However, if you want different results in your life you will need to change something.  If you continue doing what you have always done you will always get the same results you are getting now.  It is by searching for the possibilities and creating a focus that will take you to where you need to be, as your level of thinking that got you to where you are today will not get you to where you want to go in the future.  You must take the next step and develop new strategies in order to achieve at a higher level.  Once you have done this new possibilities will start to arrive in your life.  Without taking action reading this page will have been a total waste of time.  However, if you now take action and do something to move you and/or your business forward this would have been the best investment you have ever made.

To experience the benefits of Life Coaching or Business Coaching contact Create the Change on
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What have you got to lose?

Could there be more to gain?

How will you explain that you missed an opportunity to discover your true passion?